Michelle is, and has always been, the child who couldn’t sit still. She fell in love with movement at a young age, and spent hundreds of hours in competitive figure skating, ballet, modern jazz and tap dance classes. Yet a knee injury and subsequent surgery forced her to take a year off from it all, and she found herself 80 pounds heavier and completely miserable by the time her body had healed. Sick of sitting on her butt, a newfound passion for fitness was ignited. Michelle soon set her mind to researching her way through losing all the weight in a healthy, sustainable and personally fulfilling way.

Embracing all that she has learned on her health journey and wanting to share it with the world, Michelle today holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nutrition, Biology and Chemistry from Rutgers University, and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. While she offers all methods of training, she especially loves the results she sees clients experience with TRX® suspension, Kettlebells and the barefoot blend of yoga and cardio-sculpt known as willPower & grace®. She’s certified in teaching both methods.

Michelle believes that wellness is a profoundly rewarding lifestyle that can be enjoyed by anyone, and she looks forward to leading you on your own path of personal health and fitness goals.


  • Group Instructor

    Join me for a group exercise class where you can meet fit friends and satisfy your craving for a fun, exciting, and challenging workout.


  • Personal Training

    Achieve the body you desire – safely – with innovative one-on-one sessions that are created based on your personal goals.


  • Nutrition Consulting

    Let me assist you in creating a meal plan for weight loss, weight gain, or to help prevent fatigue, joint pain, and future illness.


  • Online meal plan

    Always traveling? Michelle can help you meet your goals through e-mails, skype, and phone sessions.


  • Online workout plan

    Bored of your usual routine? Michelle can create a workout that caters to your goal whether or not you’re on vacation, on business travel, or home.