Michelle’s been truly a delight to work with! She always has a game plan, can easily modify if there’s a new injury or migraine and is extremely aware of my lifestyle & hobbies and caters our workouts to suit them.

- Peg S

I’m writing to share my experience on a complimentary training session that I had with Michelle Goldberg last week. And I decided to put my thoughts in writing because I would like my feedback to go on record, and please feel free to share this note with as many people as possible.

From start to finish, I was completely thrilled with my hour of training with Michelle. She began by providing her overall plan for what we would do during the hour, explained the circuits, pacing, and goals. And really looked to me to listen to what I thought (which was that her program was great!) As we went through our circuits, she provided critical feedback about my posture, footwork, and form. Throughout the session I was very challenged, but I felt strong and good! What I loved so much about Michelle is that she is very aware that I know my way around the gym floor, and she really prepared and found new and interesting approaches that I have never tried before. She understands that my goals and approach to working out is different than the average member. She was so specific about form, which I truly value as I work out every day and sometimes forget little things here and there. She shed light on many of the nuances that make big differences for me at this level. Importantly, she brought so much to the table that it gave me pause to consider training session here and there in the future. I truly enjoy working out on my own, but she convinced me and demonstrated that there will always be things that she could add to build on my repertoire, and I believe that she would be the person I would want to help me as I continue my fitness journey!

Her depth of knowledge is exceptional, and she is very professional. Her demeanor is kind but firm. Which is perfect for me. But I can see as she trains other members that she knows how to work with so many skill levels and personalities, and she seemingly does so with ease and confidence. She has the perfect balance of smarts, kindness, humor, and presence. I also love how inspiring she is, in and out of the club… she lives by example, truly enjoys fitness and exercise, eating nutritionally yet with fun, and she is full of bright energy…her outlook is radiant and it’s infectious.

All this aside, she is an unbelievably lovely person, who I am so happy to know. Even if we are not training, she is always friendly, approachable, helpful, and inspiring! I’ve been at Equinox Summit since the doors opened, and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. Michelle is an exceptionally special trainer. She is a genuinely good person, which may seem simple, but very hard to come by. Equinox is so lucky to have her!

Warmest, Keri E

- - Keri E
Working with Michelle has been amazing! She’s professional, knowledgeable and down to earth. She took my goals seriously and came up with a plan to help me reach them at a manageable rate. I really appreciate the amount of thought she puts into our time together. Michelle is also very accessible, which is an added bonus. I can text her with any workout/nutrition related question and she responds promptly. She even guided me on buying proper running shoes! I’m really enjoying my PT time with Michelle.
- Maria A.

Just writing to let you know about the outstanding work Michelle Goldberg has done to help me towards achieving my goals.

I recently joined the Equinox in Summit back in March and was lucky enough to have Michelle start up a conversation with me on my first day.  She made a very good first impression, which influenced me to then request her for the fitness evaluation and complimentary training session.  Definitely one of my better decisions.  From there I signed up for two sets of sessions and have not regretted a moment, not even the ongoing homework assignments she always seemed to have for me to do.

Michelle has helped me in so many ways to reach my goals.  She clearly understood my goals, while also identifying my motivations and limitations.  From there, Michelle crafted a program that I found challenging and effective.  Throughout the sessions, she continually motivated and pushed me to do more and try harder.  Her knowledge and patience were evident as Michelle was able to adjust on the fly to adjust exercises as needed to address any physical limitations that my body presented.  She also provided me with recommendations on how to address some of my nutritional needs to help me break some long rooted bad habits.

Most importantly for me, Michelle’s effectiveness stemmed from her personality and enthusiasm.  I truly looked for to heading to Equinox for our sessions.  While always professional, she made the sessions enjoyable with her positive and friendly attitude.  Michelle was and still is extremely supportive about me achieving my goals.  Even on days when we were not scheduled to meet, she will check in on me while I am working out at the gym.  She will also drop me an e-mail on occasion asking how things were going and if I needed any help.  Without doubt, a trainer has an immense an impact on the success of their clients.   Michelle has been tremendous and I cannot thank her enough.

- Eric

Training with Michelle was one of the best decisions I made during my
pregnancy.  From our very first session together, Michelle was very
easy to connect with.  She’s outgoing and genuinely cares about you as
an individual. She takes time to get to know you as a client, and
plans thoughtful sessions to meet your goals.

As a prenatal client, it was important that I find a trainer who was
sensitive to the ongoing changes in my body, but still could make me
feel like I was getting a productive and challenging workout.
Michelle did just that.  She tailored every session, assessing how my
body was feeling that particular day, and, if necessary, adjusting on
the spot.  She knew when I could do a little more, or when to
substitute for an exercise that was better left for another day.  Both
her knowledge and attentiveness to detail always made me feel like I
was using proper form and doing exercises that were meaningful.  I
admire that she is constantly attending workshops and continuing
education courses, so she can bring her best to each and every

My main goal was simply to continue feeling strong during my
pregnancy.  I felt this was the time to take the absolute best care of
myself. I truly believe that my physical and mental wellness are at
its optimum because of Michelle.  Training during pregnancy could be
viewed as limited, but Michelle created the exact opposite experience
for me.  She focused on what I could do, incorporated a variety of
exercises suited for specific parts of the body that are more
vulnerable during pregnancy, and left me feeling strong and empowered
each session. Thank you, Michelle, for providing me the opportunity to
do something good for both my body, and  baby.

- Danielle Mack
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