Michelle’s comprehensive approach to fitness is amazingly effective.  Her program is aimed at creating a strong, healthy body, not only through movement, but through small changes in your diet, and your lifestyle.  The end result is not just a better body, but improved quality of life.  I would recommend Michelle to anyone who is serious about getting results.

- Jaime

I came to know Michelle from taking her spin classes. Her classes are always enjoyable filled with her contagious enthusiasm. When I learned that she was becoming a personal trainer at Equinox, I had a lot of confidence that she would be a capable trainer. Michelle treats each session with respect and care. She is always on time with a perfectly planned agenda of exercises. She remembers everything you tell her and you never need to remind her about a detail about your physical or mental state. I look forward to our sessions and I end them feeling appropriately sore and that I worked hard but productively.

- Marci P.
Hi Michelle
I’d like to thank you for transforming my mind, body and life. Your willpower class was one of the first classes I took when I joined the gym in January of this year.  In the past few months my body has totally changed and I attribute it to willpower as well as of course changing my eating habits. After my first class of willpower I couldn’t even climb up stairs or sit down without holding onto something for several days!
In class you always have the word of the week. This word always seems to either affect me in some way or it makes me think of the word in a different way then I normally would.
When I first came to your class and you would talk about the word of the week I honestly didn’t pay attention until one week where you talked about how you should keep people in your life who are in someway a reflection of yourself and remove those who cause you stress. This hit home for me as I had a friend in my life who fit this profile.  I took your advice and this made a dramatic improvement in my life.
You also talked about the word engage and how people don’t really engage in each others conversations. This is so true and I was guilty of this!
Willpower has also helped me physically in every day situations with not only cardio stamina but with balance which to others might sound odd but anyone whose done willpower can definitely relate.
Thank you for pushing me, empowering me and enlightening me week after week.
I hope to continue learning from you and challenging myself every week.

I met Michelle when I attended my first willPower & grace® class and after the first class, I was hooked.  Michelle has a very welcoming personality, and provides a fun but challenging fitness experience.  She is also very motivational and full of energy and she takes the time to make sure you are doing the steps correctly.  I am just starting to get back onto an exercise regimen and I look forward to the willPower & grace® class every week since I know it’ll be a hard workout but at the same time, the hour goes by very quickly since the class is fun.  I can’t wait to start taking her new class on Tuesdays!

- Lucy

I’ve been working out for over 25 years, and have worked in the fitness industry. Overtime I developed knee problems, which became worse as I exercised with other personal trainers. When I met Michelle, she incorporated all new and different modes of exercise – such as utilizing the TRX bands. I’ve lost weight, gained strength, and experience much less knee pain. Michelle is warm, intelligent, and a caring trainer.

- Fran
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